My Resume


Over the last 20 years my writing has been featured in newspapers, magazines, online and in print. I have specialized in lifestyle topics such as travel, health, and food, but have been known to help an insurance agent or attorney, here and there.


I am a graduate of Florida State University where I did not play football (so don’t ask me about it), but rather, majored in English and Theater. I was a teacher for many years and love the messy process of working with great ideas. 


“A writer should be joyous, an optimist . . . anything that implies rejection of life is

wrong for a writer.”


- George Gribbin​



Chief Content Officer, Wander PR
  • Presented clients with unique copy options based on overall marketing objectives.

  • Reviewed and edited final copy for accuracy and oversaw all phases of production.

  • Collaborated with company president in development of brand communication, ensuring consistency with brand marketing and message strategies.

  • Customized lead emails to reach and capture hospitality leads.

  • Produced original, creative content for promotional advertisements and marketing materials.

  • Created and implemented external and internal communications strategies for key company initiatives lead generation.

  • Defined and tracked campaign effectiveness and adjusted strategies accordingly.

  • Collaborated with designers and the editorial team on marketing materials.

  • Reviewed and edited blog posts to guarantee high content quality.

  • Created effective messaging using language, graphics and marketing collateral.

  • Developed pricing strategies while balancing firm objectives with customer satisfaction maximization. Provided feedback to all departments on brand consistency in outbound communications.

  • Created interactive digital presentations for executives.

  • Devised email strategies, including segmenting strategies, welcome email auto responders and training drip campaigns.

  • Preserved brand integrity by monitoring the consistency and quality of marketing content.

  • Traveled nationally and internationally to meet with customers and deliver clear company messages. Developed key messaging, branding and positioning statements.

  • Contributed ideas to concept development, strategic planning and business operations.

  • Wrote and edited company case studies, fact sheets and product collateral.

  • Cultivated and managed relationships with key clients, vendors and community partners.

  • Developed and implemented campaigns for email, online advertising, search engines and direct mail. Wrote an average of three press releases and media advisories each month for client announcements and public relations efforts.

  • Worked closely with clients to identify their needs and challenges and provide solutions-oriented campaign themes.

  • Proofed and approved production and printing drafts of promotional materials.

  • Drafted engaging, accurate and effective press releases.

  • Managed project deadlines and monitored milestones through completion stage.

  • Established and maintained external communications calendar, and managed scheduled assignments. Drafted and managed print, online and social media communications designed to promote company brand, image and values.


Senior Copywriter, DOINK Design
  • Played an instrumental role in creative planning and review sessions, working with resourceful team to elevate quality of content and designs.

  • Strategically developed concepts for a wide range of clients in alignment with specifications, objectives, and brand standards.

  • Discussed marketing goals with clients to identify their needs and articulate them to the marketing team.

  • Developed advertising strategies and converted ideas into concrete tasks and delegating them to the appropriate individuals and departments.


Freelance Copywriter, Blogger, Journalist
  • Discussed projects and completed assignments by utilizing email and telephone communication. Maintained consistent work hours to provide responsive service to clients.

  • Completed proposals and set up contracts.

  • Marketed services through social media platforms and advertising services.

  • Wrote and proofread blog and social media posts, website copy and articles.

  • Followed through on beat sources, contacts and leads to gather information for stories.

  • Prepared and delivered a wide range of reports, covering topics ranging from the environment and travel to the Affordable Care Act.

  • Wrote pieces and news stories for online publication, coordinating images and layout to ensure proper presentation.

  • Produced stories for broadcasting across TV, radio, and digital platforms.

  • Acted as a liaison between the graphic design departments and web developers.

  • Wrote, edited and produced stories for multiple platforms, including Internet and digital channels.

  • Led daily production meetings and weekly production calls.



Florida International University, Miami, FL

Masters of Arts in Literature


Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Bachelor of Arts in Literature