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I am Paola, a Puerto Rican born all-American girl of Cuban descent. I am a water-boiling, reheating, take-out and delivery single mom of two kids trying to be everything – a professional and a homemaker.

As a writer and performer, I’ve had many opportunities to learn new cultures and try new things, but recently I embarked on one of my toughest journeys – family cooking!


The Real Women of IMUSA

Wander exists because when we find clients who inspire us, we want to share their stories with the world.

What inspires us? Foreign coins and friendly bellhops. Slow rides through narrow waterways, drinks by the pool, the power of a great meal and everything strange, mysterious and unforgettable about a new destination.

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It’s your time to shine. You’ve built a business and you yourself are a brand. You’re a mover and a shaker. This work is your dream and you’ve made it a reality. The world wants to see you at your best and the average photo just won’t do.

PS Photography understands that all business is “show” business. It’s time to make the impression you deserve. 

The laidback pastel feel of The Florida Keys makes if feel like it is springtime there all year. After a challenging summer in 2017, watching the patented ease of the Keys get tussled by Hurricane Irma, I was left wondering if the experience had somehow dampened or changed the character of the place.


It has not. 

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Is it better to work towards a one-hit viral piece of content, or towards consistency? 


09.25    National One-Hit Wonder Day

        National Comic Book Day (BONUS)

09.26    National Pancake Day 

09.27    National Chocolate Milk Day

09.28    National Drink Beer Day

09.29    National Coffee Day

09.30    National Gold Star Mother’s Day

10.01    National Hair Day



Studio IDC’s designs are modern, intelligent, deliberate, eclectic, with a hint to history and a nod to the future. A hotel or residence designed by Studio IDC satisfies the bottom line while elevating the experience of a home or commercial space.



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